Soybean Seeds

Soybean Seeds

Soybean Seeds

We cultivate the Organic and conventional NON-GMO Soybean through the clusters of group of farmers, who are contractually associated with us.

To Obtain organic Soybean The farming yields from all these farms are Organic Certified by the renowned authorized agencies. Moreover, a time to time inspection is carried out by our field officers ensure that the desired quality of the yield is obtained as per the stipulated organic farming norms.

We Process Selected seeds in our certified plant , grading it by size, color and shape to supply worldwide. we majorly export our organic soya to USA,Canada,Maxico.

For Our other soya products, Soybean seeds are then further processed on the state of the art machines for its conversion into the value added products.

The Besides our in-house R&D and QC laboratory, the quality checks and certifications are also conducted by the reputed external GAFTA approved laboratories with respect to the physical, nutritional, chemical & microbial parameters.

Parameter Characteristics
Protein 37% Min
Moisture 12% Max
Purity 99.5% Min
Foreign Material 0.5% Max
Fat 18-22% Min
GMO-Content Negative
Size 4mm and Above
Packing 50Kg PP Bag/Bulk Linear
Conventional Soybean