Group Of Companies

Indian Partner Companies

Hexamine Technologies Pvt (India)

Hexamine Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading solution provider for Internet based Applications, Graphics and Multimedia and embedded technology.The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced Professionals dedicated to provide solutions in a most user friendly customized way.

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In India, fashion industry is growing day by day, as fashion is becoming the face of the society. Unlike others, we are here to offer you the fashion for women that can be affordable while being trendy and fashionable.

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Foreign Partner Companies

Patel Import (United Kingdom)

Patel Imports is Our UK registered company involving in activity of manufacturing, trading and export of agricultural product. They Import Indian product and process it according to the UK’s Standard and sell it to the retailer and wholesaler.

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SS Development (United Kingdom)

S.S.Development specializes in identifying wealth building opportunities in UK and across the globe through smart, safe and secure property investments. Itoffers a truly dynamic portfolio of international properties and investments, with strong capital growth and high cash flow income.

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Patel Forensics(United Kingdom)

Patel Forensics is a service provider of Digital Forensic & discovery services to large multi-national corporate businesses, Law Enforcement & Government Agencies, high profile legal firms.

Patel Forensics’ forensic laboratory continues to investigate the business world’s ever-changing digital environment, therefore, allowing our experts to discover reliable evidence from the investigation of Computers, Mobile Phones, Cloud Data and Internet activity.

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G STAR GLOBAL SARL (Niger-South Africa)

G STAR GLOBAL SARL is a 100% owned licensed by the Minerals Commission of   undertake purchase of gold for export as well as engage in small scale mining of gold, among others.

The good resources are managed all over Africa,Dubai, Belgium, and India and at many locations of Asia. We are also assisting our clients in logistics as we have a strong database of around 200+ business partners across India.

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